International Advisors

Careif advisors provide expertise and advice for a particular country, region, topic or issue. Advisors are also responsible for promoting careif in their respective sphere and topic to ensure that collaboration, endorsement and association achieve maximum impact.

Our advisors are:

  • Adjunct Professor Thapliyal (New Zealand)
  • Ms Nemu Lallu (New Zealand)
  • Samson Tse (New Zealand)
  • Professor Marianna Bogdan (Russia)
  • Mr William Ashdown (Canada)
  • Professor Vladimir Rotstein (Russia)
  • Dr Vesna Damjanovska (Macedonia)
  • Professor Fuad Iraqi (Palestine & Israel)
  • Dr Yasmin Khatib (International Women’s Affairs & Compassion and Care)
  • Dr Jenny Willis (Wellbeing and Education)
  • Dr Nadarasar Yoganathan (Stigma, & Sri Lanka)
  • Dr Shanaya Rathod (Culture and Health)
  • Professor Myrna Lashley (Careif International Advisor – Canada, Caribbean, Psychology, Violence & Radicalisation.)


Dr Yasmin Khatib

Dr Yasmin Khatib’s involvement as a volunteer with Careif commenced in 2013, when she was requested to contribute to write an essay for Careif’s newsletter series examining compassion and care. Yasmin’s involvement in Careif has grown recently and in 2014 Yasmin joined its board of International Advisors and she also became the Editor for the Compassion and Care newsletter.

The Compassion and Care series of essays is aligned to Careif’s ethos of sharing knowledge to change lives. Sharing our narrative often facilitates us to share a very personal part of our-selves. Yet reading these accounts can also touch core emotions in the audience reading these narratives.

Through acknowledging our common and often fragile emotions, the compassion and care newsletter aims to bring people together – regardless of perceived or real barriers.

Yasmin Khatib is a Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate Medicine at the University of Hertfordshire.

Dr Shanaya Rathod, MBBS, MRCPsych, MSc (Leadership), MD

Dr Shanaya Rathod is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Research, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. She is the mental health clinical lead for Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network and Wessex Clinical Research Network. She is also the international advisor to The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation on matters of culture and health.

Following her postgraduate medical education, she has completed a doctorate in medicine, Certificate course in Managing health services with the Institute of health care management, acquired a certificate of Advance Medical leader with British Association of Medical managers and Masters in leadership. She has been a Fellow with the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

She has influenced national strategy through her leadership and research over the years and has held a number of leadership roles in the NHS over the years in medical and clinical management. She has published books, book chapters, papers in peer reviewed journals and lectured extensively at national and international events. Awards include Excellence Award for Cultural Adaptation of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Pakistan Association of CBT, 2017 and The National Positive Practice in Mental Health Mindset Quality Improvement Award: Highly Commended, 2016.

Professor Myrna Lashley,  Careif International Advisor – Canada, Caribbean, Psychology, Violence & Radicalisation.

Dr Myrna Lashley holds a Ph.D in counseling psychology from McGill University. She was an Associate Dean at John Abbott College She is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry of McGill University as well as a researcher and project leader at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital. She is an internationally recognized clinical, teaching and, research authority in cultural psychology, and serves as an expert psychological consultant to institutions, including the juvenile justice system.

She has worked both as a consultant to First Nations and the Jewish Communities, and as the Cross Cultural Trainer for the Grievance Committee office of the secretariat for McGill University. She has also conducted training workshops locally, nationally, and internationally and has acted as a consultant to the Brazilian health care system. She was a director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and has also served on the Comité Consultatif sur les Relations Interculturelles et Interraciales de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal.

From 2008 to 2017 she was the Chair of the Cross Cultural Roundtable on Security. She was the Vice-chair of the board of the École Nationale de Police du Québec from 2004 to 2017. As well as conducting research on police matters, she has also been appointed to the Comité Expert en Matière de Profilage Racial of the Service de Ploice de la Ville de Montréal and to the Comité-conseil sur L’organisation d’une Consultation sur le Racisme et la Discrimination Systémique. In addition to academic publications, she has also authored two training manuals on intercultural issues in the workplace and co-authored a chapter in the book Encountering the Other.

She has received several awards including the 2015 Woman of Merit Award from the Playmas Montreal Cultural Association; the Queen Elizabeth II 2012 Diamond Jubilee award; 2006 Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Award for Holocaust studies; the 2004 Martin Luther King Legacy Award; as well as the 1995 Merit Award for the Kanawake Native survival school. Her current research focuses on the intersections of culture, terrorism and national security. She is currently Barbados’s Honorary Consul to Montreal.

Professor Fuad Iraqi (Palestine & Israel)

Fuad is Professor and Chairman, at the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He is a molecular geneticist and world leader in the area of dissecting complex traits including hosts susceptibility to infection and chronic diseases. His current research is focused on understanding diseases etiology and host susceptibility to infectious and chronic diseases including Klebsiella pneumonia, Aspergillus fumigatus, dental infection (Periodontitis), Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) associated with obesity, gut microbiota and mapping modifiers for colon cancer development.

His research projects are important for better understanding the host susceptibility to variety of infectious and chronic diseases, which will serve a step towards improving our knowledge of specific and general pathways and network systems, which can lead to establish better disease prevention and control strategies. Faud is also a passion advocate for the mental health of Arabs living in Israel and is working on a joint Careif project for Israeli-Palestinian Children; Citizens in a Global World (age 11-16 years).