Careif Co-Founder announces new national centre of excellence

Lankelly Chase Foundation has commissioned Queen Mary University of London, the University of Manchester and Words of Colour Productions to establish an independent centre of excellence on ethnic inequalities, severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage.

With a strategic award of £1,245,000, the Synergi Collaborative Centre will deliver a five-year national programme, focused on working towards the transformation of health services for ethnic minority people with severe mental illness.

Over the five years the centre will:

The centre will take a collaborative approach, using the principles of co-production of knowledge and a creative mix of robust research methods.

Kamaldeep Bhui CBE, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry & Epidemiology, Queen Mary University of London, and Careif Co-Founder, said: “The Synergi Collaborative Centre will assemble all sections of society to offer a fresh perspective on ethnic inequalities in severe mental illness, while taking account of the multiple disadvantages which act as drivers of inequalities. This area has secured little effective action due to disagreements about the evidence, sensitivities around accusations of racism and minimising the lived experience of ethnic inequalities. By capturing experiences of multiple disadvantage throughout the life course, the centre will inform the production of co-created narratives, which will be widely shared to drive systems’ reform.”

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