Careif/WPA global wellbeing findings

Survey of personal wellbeing report and executive summary

It is estimated that more than 450 million people in the world are affected by ‘disorders of the mind’, manifested by emotional or mental distress. The challenges for prevention and healing are significant, ranging from the social stigma that prevents people from seeking help, a lack of awareness in people themselves, insufficient resources and trained professionals, and the lack of culturally informed  assessment and support.

As the world experiences unprecedented social and demographic change, wellbeing (‘social capital’) has risen up the political agenda for a complex mix of philosophical and economic factors. At the personal level, wellbeing enables us to live fulfilled lives.

Careif with the WPA conducted an international wellbeing survey to understand more about what constitutes ‘wellbeing’ in different cultures and  settings,  and how we can enhance personal wellbeing for individual and social benefit. This report will be launched at a Careif celebratory reception in the House of Lords (UK) on 26 October 2016.

You can download the Executive Summary here: wellbeing-executive-summary-v2

More details will follow: [email protected].