Spring 2012 newsletter

The 2012 London Olympics are ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to achieve a lasting health legacy in the UK. Careif, a major global charity, has been at the forefront at advocating the impact  and global benefits of sports to health.

Careif believes that knowledge should not only be available to those with wealth or those who live in urban and industrialised parts of the world. It considers knowledge sharing to be a basic human right, where this knowledge can change lives and help realise true human potential. Furthermore there is substantial knowledge to be found in the less developed, rural and poorer areas of the world and this is valuable to the wellbeing of people in areas which are wealthier.

Careif programme of activities are extensive.  Linked to the Olympic Games,  we published a Youth Mapping study  of care services provided by Children’s and Young Peoples’ charities in England; engaged the most socially excluded young people directly into the Olympic/Paralympics experience.  Our International Advisors provides their expertise in a variety of activities, including, developing the Careif Global Olympic Generation Survey: Benefits of Sport on Health and Wellbeing; Khat use and effect- A Primary resource to improve understanding, presentation and interventions. Other projects under consideration include one with our International Advisor in Canada – a Global Cultural Survey of Bi-Polar Disorder patients, careers and family experiences of care and services.

Successful global essay initiatives on the themes of Personality Disorder and Post-Natal Depression will be followed by initiatives on Culture and Suicide, Coping and Resilience.

We supported a successful World Association of Cultural Psychiatry Congress – March London 2012. 400 international delegates, 30 plenary, 150 symposiums.

‘Careif embodies so many positive values: courage, creativity, cultural awareness, hope, fairness, equality and sharing knowledge between developing and developed countries’

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