Systemic Review on Personality Disorder

Careif in collaboration with Queen Mary’s College University of London, have carried out a systematic review of Personality Disorder in relation to Race and Ethnicity; Prevalence, Aetiology and Treatment.

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The term Personality Disorder (PD) has been criticised as being culturally biased as a reflection of North American and Western European psychiatry. Difficulties  are likely to persist in the absence of further exploration and an acknowledgement of the influence of race, culture and ethnicity in the diagnosis and the treatment of PD.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only Review that considers existing research on PD prevalence, aetiology and treatment in relation to race and ethnicity. This Systemic Review forms part of  an ongoing larger project of continuing research that will look at specific PDs in relation to race and ethnicity as well as developing and reviewing PD policies involving a panel of experts in this field.

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