Volunteering, exchange and twinning

International Institute of Non-Governmental Organisation

All the people who currently are involved with Careif are volunteers. This includes the Board of Trustees and Patrons.

We are building a ‘time bank’ of volunteers and once established, we will put in place schemes for people working across all sectors of society.

Volunteering is underpinned by four main principles: choice, diversity, mutual benefit and recognition. At Careif, we also see volunteering as an opportunity to ‘give back’ knowledge, skills and expertise to individuals and communities in appreciation of support and benefits they have received through the opportunity of education, training and life experience.

Once we have build a viable ‘time bank’ of volunteers, the next step is to formally establish an international programme for Volunteering, Exchange and Twinning.

The benefits of participating are not only for individuals who share their skills and gain wide ranging experiences, but for the host organisation, local community and wider social economy.

We are looking for people with experiences and skills to take part in a wide variety of activities in communities, including health, social care, sporting and emergency situations.

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