Getting involved

Volunteering, fund raising and donating

There are a range of ways in which people as individuals and organisations can work in partnership with us. We are fundraising to help run our main programmes of work and are enthusiastic for our sponsors to have an active role in careif. Our latest appeals are listed below.

We will use your money you give to fund:

  • adequate representation of young people, socially excluded people and those who would not otherwise be given an opportunity to influence policy, practice and decisions
  • places at events where organisations or individuals cannot afford to pay, including people from the developing world, non-governmental organisations and charities
  • our work on volunteering, exchanges and twinning
  • scholarship places on careif education courses
  • careif conferences and seminars
  • projects promoting wellbeing such as music, arts, humanities and lifestyles

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Ways of giving your time and expertise

We are also very interested in people joining careif as advisors, volunteers or fellows. Contact us at [email protected]