4th WACP Congress, Mexico 2015

careif is pleased to partner The World Association of Cultural Psychiatry to deliver this excellent global congress

Global Challenges & Cultural Psychiatry:
” Natural Disasters, Conflict, Insecurity, Migration, and Spirituality”

Puerto Vallarta; Jalisco; Mexico.
29th October 2015 to 2nd November 2015.

World-Cultural-Psychiatry-Research-ReviewDuring the past several decades, there has been a steadily increasing recognition of the importance of cultural influences on life and mental health. Culture impacts mental illness so that culturally relevant care is needed for patients of diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. From a social point of view, there has been rapid social and cultural change happening in the ever changing political and media world, as well as migration within and between nations. Societies are becoming multi-ethnic and poly-cultural in nature worldwide. From a clinical perspective, there is a need to improve cultural competence to provide proper psychiatric care of each patient;