Mental Health 4 Life

Promoting Mental Health 4 Life (MH4L) is a learning resource, created by Careif to help individuals and organisations improve both their own mental health and the mental health of the people they serve.

Careif asserts that positive mental health is central to living a fulfilling life, from birth to older age, and we all have a role to play in promoting it. Promoting positive mental health can be achieved by increasing psychological wellbeing and resilience, and by creating supportive living conditions and environments.

There are many small but powerful steps that can be taken by individuals and organisations from all sectors which can make an impact on mental health. This resource is designed to distil those into a concise and accessible form, with links to other resources for further information.

The content is organised according to a life-course approach, with sections on promoting mental health at each stage of life to reflect the needs of individuals at different points in their development. Additional sections address mental health promotion with schools, employers, health and emergency services, and councils.

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